Shout A Buddy

Rosso Shouts A Buddy

Every week, we go out and give a little back to our awesome community by giving some pizzas to a family doing it tough. If you may know of someone who has lost their job as a result of COVID19, and think that a little pie may bring a little sparkle to their day, just drop us a private line by clicking the link above. This information doesn't get shared publicly, nor do we advertise who we give it to. This is just us giving out a little happiness to some deserving people.

Community Shouts A Buddy

If you've been fortunate enough to have not been affected financially by COVID19 and wish to bring a little happiness into somebodies day by shouting them a pizza then you have come to the right place. You may know someone specifically or you may be happy for us to share the love with those we know are doing it tough. Either is fine. What does it cost to shout someone a box of goodness? $15. So how does it work? You click on the link above. Choose how much you want to give. Nominate someone or choose to have us find someone deserving. Complete the form and complete. Thats it. Its that easy to brighten up someone day. You're a legend - we love you